Affiliate Program
Join our Associate Program

We are a professional online e-commerce website dedicated to provide high quality panda products for men/women worldwide.

We are looking for affiliates and websites to be Partner With Pandamood and earn high commission!

How Does It Work

  1. Join our affiliate program by signing up via our affiliate portal
  2. Share your link in your community
  3. Customer make orders from Pandamood website via your affiliate links
  4. We send automatically your commission

Advantage For Joining

  1. 10% commission fees
  2. Up to 60 days cookies duration
  3. Regularly update and get new coupon codes
  4. Real-time and comprehensive affiliate support


What do i have to have to become an affiliate
We prefer that your interested in our products or things relating to our products and can share or promote our products with community or groups that are also interested in similar on Instagram, Twitter or Youtube etc.

How many followers or subs do i need
We don’t have a limit we just want active posters that already share or post things that can relate to our products or have to means to promote our products or share referral link.

What is the commission?
Basic tier is 10% of an ordered placed using your referral link or code *excludes shipping, discounts and other fees from the order total.

How do i receive payment?
Payment can be done via paypal or store credit – select your payment method in your account.

How much of a discount will my code give friends or followers
10% is default and can be adjusted depending on following etc, this is also subject to change and may not be able to be used during other sales or discounts.

My unique coupon code could only be used by a person once
Discount codes can only be used once per customer – commission can still be earned via your referral link.