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Baoxing as well as the giant pandas.


Baoxing Region is commonly connected with the panda. Actually, the county has actually embraced the Chinese bear as its logo design. This region is put under the territory of Ya’an Prefecture City as well as lies in the Qionglai Hills (Sichuan Province).

As explained above in the last article, it is here that Daddy Armand David discovered the large panda on March 11, 1869. Less than a hundred years later, this region ended up being a location where lots of pandas were caught to feed Chinese zoos however also international zoos were provided their polite gift. In 1954, Beijing Zoo particularly sent 6 individuals to develop the “Beijing Zoo Baoxing Area Parks and Forestry Bureau”. The office took charge of capturing unusual animals such as the panda, rhinopithecus, etc. as well as providing to zoos throughout the country. Wang Hongge and He Guangxin were in charge. When the office was closed in 1976, a total of about 70 wild pandas had been caught alive in Baoxing. As well as till the mid-1980s, Baoxing Area provided 118 live pandas to the Chinese state, 15 of which were offered to eight international nations as state presents. These 8 countries are Russia, the United States, England, France, Japan, Germany, North Korea as well as Mexico.

Beijing Zoo
Beijing Zoo

According to the data of the 3rd nationwide census of wild gigantic pandas and also their environment, which occurred from 1999 to 2003 and also whose outcomes were published in 2006, Baoxing County is house to 200,032 hectares of habitat inhabited by the gigantic panda (representing 32.79% of the total habitat in the Qionglai Hills, and also 8.68% of the total panda habitat in China) as well as 143 wild pandas (representing 32.72% of the pandas in the Qionglai Hills, as well as 8.96% of the pandas in China).

Panda environment in Baoxing County is partially shielded by the Fengtongzhai National Nature Book (see listed below).

The city of Baoxing has a sculpture of Armand David, in memory of the originator of the panda. It replaces an old marble statuary (Baoxing being recognized for the exploitation of this rock) which was expected to represent David yet which stood for by chance the religious Desflèches that David had fulfilled in Chongqing prior to his departure for Moupin. The error is currently dealt with.

Because of the multitude of pandas residing in Baoxing County, wild pandas are often seen near communities or villages and also many stories are informed in the media; particularly given that the Baoxing Valley is densely populated. For instance, on 23 June 2009, a wild panda was observed in a cave near the town of Ziyun (Ziyuncun 紫云村). On 4 February 2010, Tao Defen, a homeowner of Dongsheng town (Dongshengcun 东升村), stunned a large panda around her house. The exact same year, on 13 April, an additional wild panda was observed in Ziyun town. Likewise in 2010, on 8 June, Yang Kaixiang, a homeowner of Yanjingping village (Yanjingpingcun 盐井坪村) additionally in Baoxing Region, observed a wild panda preying on bamboo fires in the bamboo grove behind her residence. A little greater than a month later, on 15 July 2010, a wild panda was found by employees at the Qiaoqi hydropower station (Qiaoqixiang 硗碛乡). On Might 31, 2011, Yang Kaixiang re-discovers a panda near his garden. On September 17, 2011, a big wild panda was spotted in a home in Zhonggang town (or Zhonggangcun 中岗村) – Yongfu neighborhood (Yongfuxiang 永富乡) – additionally in Baoxing Area. On 26 December 2011, a wild panda in trouble near Yanjingping town was saved as well as moved to the Ya’an Bifengxia base of the China Preservation and also Research Centre for the Giant Panda (China Preservation and also Research Study Centre for the Large Panda). Less than 2 months later, on 15 February 2012, a 2nd panda in trouble was discovered by citizens from Xinhua village (Xinhuacun 新华村) that had gone into the hills to accumulate firewood, which was also sent to Bifengxia. On 9 February 2013, a wild panda ate a lamb in a sheep pen coming from Gou Bihua, a farmer from Jianlian village (Jianliancun 建联村). Finally, on January 12, 2015, a wild panda was detected near the Jiajinshan Woodland Workplace (夹金山林业局), in a location called “Baixionggou” (白熊沟).


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